President Message

Dear All Members of EACE and Invited Guests
First and foremost, on behalf of the current executive committee members of the Ethiopian Association of Civil Engineers (EACE), I would like to extend my greetings.
Dear colleagues, it has been almost a year since our 18th General Assembly which was carried out in October 25, 2015.
As agreed on the meeting and based on the annual plan, the Executive Committee has been working hard to lay the ground for the rapid transformation of our association. Among the major activities, the executive committee of EACE has been trying to achieve was to enhance the visibility of our professional association through a website which is the key means of communication in this modern era of globalization. With a financial support of Eng. Yetnayet Amogne, who is the member of the current executive committee; we have reached to this date of inauguration of the new EACE website. I would like to extend my deepest gratitude in the name of the executive committee of EACE to Eng. Yetnayet who financed the development of the website including hiring of the web administrator for the first three months and Ethiopian Roads Authority who supports this inauguration ceremony.
This new EACE website will give various services for members and others who are in one way or another practicing civil engineering. Some of the services are:
– Vacancy announcement for job seeking civil engineers and employers
– News on mega civil engineering projects and relevant civil engineering activities
– Access to journal and bulletins and other relevant websites
– Announcement for meeting, training and continues professional development and other pertinent issues
– Discussion forum to discuss on pertinent and current issues of civil engineering issues or requests from civil engineers
– Possibility to register online even if not full at the beginning. Possibility of online payments
Dear respected members and invited guests, I strongly believe that the inauguration of this website and its subsequent effective utilization will increase the visibility and transformation of our professional association and the civil engineering profession.
Thus, I cordially request all EACE members and other stakeholders who are actors in the construction industry in which civil engineering plays a leading role to utilize the website for advancement of ethical professionalism and continues professional development.

Geremew Sahilu (Dr.-Ing.)

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