former ledersAbout EACE leadership

•EACE was established in 1997 G.C. or 1989 E.C.

• The number of founding members during the foundation of the association was around 105.

• The Association has passed two forms one is at the national level and the other is in chapter form lasting for about four years from the year 2006-2009 but in both cases the activity is facilitated by the EACE office by hiring officers to undertake its day to day activity since its establishment’s day.

• The management or the executive committee has changed seven times including the existing executive committee.


• All of the management group served two years interval except one served for five years
1. Dr.Gashaw Yayehyirad (1997-1999)
2. Eng.Tesfamokael Nahusenay (1999-2001)
3. Eng.Shiferaw Bizuneh (2001-2003)
4. Dr.Bayu Chane (2003-2005)
5. Eng.Fekadu Haile (2005-2010)
6. Eng.Kebede Abebe (2010-2013)
7. Dr.Geremew Sahilu (Since 2013)




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