China to construct mega wind farm in Ethiopia

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China to construct mega wind farm in Ethiopia

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China to construct mega wind farm in Ethiopia

A Chinese company, Dongfang Electric Corporation Limited (DECL) in conjunction with The Ethiopian Electric Power Utility (EEP) is set to construct a wind farm in Ethiopia. The wind farm will be constructed in Aisha area of Somali Region.

The new wind farm which will have has 80 turbines will each have the capacity to generate a whopping 1.5MW. It will be constructed 20km at the Djibouti-Ethiopian boarder.

On the agreement that was signed by both EEP and DECL, the wind farm is approximated to cost of US$ 257m. But funds for 85 per cent of the project will be secured from the Chinese EXIM bank. However the remaining 15pc will be taken care of by the government.

Misikir Negasha, EEP’s public relations leader said that the wind farm is expected to be completed in 18 months time.

“The project is programmed to be concluded 18 months from the time of commencement and hopes are high that the contracted company can complete it on suitable time,” said Mr. Negasha.


source – construction review online




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