Items Included in Geotechnical Soil Reports

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Items Included in Geotechnical Soil Reports

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  • Geotechnical soils reports will briefly review the geological history of the area coupled with a reconnaissance report of the particular site and its surroundings. The details of sampling will indicate the location of each borehole, its elevation and depth and a rough indication of the soils encountered at each level of the borehole. Groundwater conditions are also noted which allow for estimating future seepage into foundations, uplift pressures on foundations and the need for adequate drainage. The report will give a classification of all the various types of soils encountered along with their strengths as determined in the laboratory or on site. Finally the most important information in these reports will be the bearing capacity of the soil, its shear strength, and the possibilities of settlement or consolidation. Certain soils may have a potential for expansion, which can cause upheaval and other problems.

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